Blockchain Academy

Catch a fast rolling blockchain train with our Blockchain Academy. We prepared a course for those that want to understand what the blockchain and crypto world is and how to use it and for the developers willing to learn how to use their knowledge to build and interact with blockchains.

Blockchain technlogies are hottest buzzword for the last 3 years. Understanding what they are and how to use them can give you a competitive edge in your business and make you ready for the coming age of digital currency. That is why we prepared a blockhain academy.

WE DELIVER IT blockchain academy consists of 1 + 5 modules

Blockchain fundamentials
How ethereum blockchain works : Geth, Nodes, Solidity
Truffle Migrations, Tests and Deployment

Price 80 €

Module introduction to blockchain technologies: what are they, how to use them, which protocol to use, trading fundamentals, exhanges, wallets, safety, future development.

Module duration 4h of online materials and 2 hours of online interactive training.

Internded audience: everyone

Price 500 €

Next 5 modules are for people willing to learn how to program and develop applications by using Ethereum Solidity Language.

They require knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React or Angular is recomended. If you are junior developer seeking job this can make you stick out of the crowd.

If you are experience developer this will tie your current knowledge with solidity and blockchain fundamentials. 

Intended audience: software developers